Australia trip

21 – 31 March Victoria Australia

I’m in Victoria running a three day intensive workshop series with a Landcare group. These workshops balance theory with practical observational skills.

There is one slot left for a day’s consulting in Victoria.

If you are interested in a three day intensive workshop in your area, then please get in touch.

The three day intensive workshop covers:

Day 1 – Soil health and its bottom line benefits.  
Assessing soil health, identifying the major limiting factors to production.  Enhancing the carbon, nitrogen and water cycles.
In the field: soil assessments, slaking and infiltration tests

Day 2 – Soil microbes.
Who, what they do and how to encourage your underground workforce.
In the field: Visual assessments for microbes. Types of biological foods and application tips.
Discussions: Feed vs inoculations. Using the refractometer to assess quality and effectiveness of management.

Day 3 – Soil minerals. Role of major nutrients. Interpreting tests.
Bringing it all together:  The 3M’s – Minerals, Microbes and Management.


April – Canterbury / Marlborough

Mid April I am available for consulting or workshops in this region.


May – North America

Our North American itinerary is being finalised, if you are interested in a workshop or consult, then please get in touch soon.