Read the health of your soil like a pro!

There is a lot that goes into understanding soils… they are complex, with so many variables. It’s no wonder so many producers never dig holes, or worse, spend thousands of dollars to apply unnecessary products or hire someone else to assess the health of their soil.

If you’ve been unsure about current on-farm/ranch practices and are looking to make sense of the endless recommendations that may not “add up” to the outcomes promised, this course will give you the foundations to help you make informed decisions about the health of your soil.

You will develop your skills to questions like:

    • What are my underground livestock and how do I feed them?
    • Do I have sleepy soils?
    • Is my water quality suitable for my animals and farming/ranching needs?
    • How do I know if my soil is compacted?
  • What does a healthy soil look, smell and feel like? How do I use all my senses to assess?
  • Are my weeds trying to tell me something?
  • How can I get rid of my weeds without using poisons?


“Thank you all for putting on the most interesting, informative and stimulating days that I have had in my farming life. Had me focused for the whole time, not something that I ever achieved at school” – James Halford – Cropping Farmer

This easy to absorb 16 Module course, is filmed in stunning locations and filled with practical demonstrations and exercises to expand your mind to the potential behind soil health. Nicole Masters Agroecologist and seasoned coach, will guide you in the concepts, so you can immerse yourself in the joy of field work.

Learn at your own pace, and from any device. As the average video is only 5m 40sec you can quickly put learning into action and fit around your busy life.

When it comes to assessing soil health and where to start on your journey, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Over the past few decades (and hundreds of workshops later), Nicole has developed a range of methods to support your learning around the factors involved in building soil health.  Learning has never been so easy with Nicole’s casual yet informative teaching style.

Booking Information

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Release date:​ Sunday Midday 15th November MS time
Course fee: $333 USD
Student rate: $233
(Note to apply for this rate please contact with a screenshot of your student ID)

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. See how healthy soil relates to your own goals
  2. Describe why healthy soils matter
  3. Be able to measure soil health
  4. Understand the different carbon pools and pathways
  1. Identify what factors are limiting health and production on your place
  2. Understand what different soil microbes do in soil and how to feed them
  3. Observe and identify how the water cycle is functioning
  4. Know how to measure insects in the soil and More!

Warning – soil assessments can become addictive!


“I could listen to you talk for months and not tire. I can’t wait to start doing stuff on my farm and for my family’s health…and book myself for more courses.” – Tiffany Neylon



“Thank you, never too old to learn, only regret is that we didn’t have this knowledge 40 years ago. A brilliant workshop and feast of information for those at the beginning or well through their regenerative journey.  Fascinating insight into what is possible by nurturing soil and plant micro-life to build healthy soils, animals and humans.” EM Turnbull



Guys, this was all great! I can’t believe how much material you presented and how much depth, care, enthusiasm you expressed. Thank you so much. – Peter West
“Mind is blown, I have answered a lot of questions I wasn’t sure about. I have a good plan to take back is good to know I’m on the right track.” – Matt Black


Is there a practical component to this course?

Yes, this course, despite being online, offers deep practical demonstrations for you to take immediately into the field.

How long do I have access to this course?

The are practical PDF instructions that are yours to keep, however the online course is only available for you to access for one year.

Is this suitable for large-scale, home gardeners or people new to soil?

Absolutely, anyone with soil will gain deeper insights and skills into measuring and observing soil health. If you own a 1/4 acre or 400,000 acres this course will offer you new insights.

Will this course be suitable in my climate, soil type or production system?

For sure, the topics covered apply to any soil ecosystem which grows food or fibre. The demonstrations can be carried out whether you in live semi-arid climates or in high rainfall zones.