What is Regenerative Agriculture?

fungi-woodRegenerative Agriculture is also known as Biological Agriculture, Holistic Ag, Ecological Agriculture, Natural Intelligence, Eco-Agriculture,  Natural Farming, Humus/Carbon Farming…

Regenerative agriculture is a ‘proactive’ approach. There are no silver bullets here or one road to Rome, but programs based on observation, ecological principles and regenerative land management practices. It covers a wide range of approaches, tools, and the thinking required to build soil and ecosystem health, food quality, and profitability. You can call it what you want. We call it common sense.

Whichever label you wish to apply to this form of production; it provides a progressive future-focused approach to growing healthy food; one which is rapidly growing across the world.  Regenerative agriculture offers many benefits to food and fibre production, society and the environment, showing it is possible to have your cake and eat it too!

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