Soil Horse Course

Soil Horse Course




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Soil Horse Course is designed for lovers of horses and land. Horses get a whipping with their reputation as destroyers of pastures and soil, but perhaps it’s their two-legged companions who could use the giddy-up?

Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

  • Is it possible to have happy, healthy horses on pasture?
  • How can I manage pastures with minimal weeds?
  • Can I build healthy soil and quality pasture AND graze horses?!

In this 14 module program you’ll learn more about

  • The benefits of building soil health
  • The role between healthy soil and many common horse ailments
  • How to manage for quality pasture and maintain horse health
  • The benefits from increasing pasture and fodder diversity

After implementing the actions covered in this program, you’ll be able to grow more nutrient-dense food for horses, reduce pesky weeds, increase water holding capacity of soil and improve the overall health of your equine buddies.

* Discount applies until the course is released on the 28th May MST