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“Consciously Regenerating Ecosystems in Ag Through Transformative Experiences”

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CREATE is a 17 week program designed to train and empower consultants and coaches in the theory, principles and practices behind healthy, regenerative agricultural systems. The first 5 days covers hands-on learning and classroom time. The following 16 weeks includes a 1-2-hour webinar, practical and theoretical coursework and coaching support. At the end of the program there is a 3-day session back in the field to bring all of the learning together. At the completion of this training, attendees will have the business plans, skills, tools and templates required to start their own agro-ecological coaching businesses to provide services so desperately needed in the rural sector today. This program is offered in the US in 2021 only. Depending on travel restrictions NZ and Australian schools may be offered in 2022.


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Who is behind CREATE?

Jules Matthews, Meagan Lannan and Nicole Masters are the curriculum designers.  Together these 3 bring powerful skills in communication, facilitation, coaching and behaviour change science, with decades of practical experience in regenerative, agroecological systems. As a team they bring established track records in capacity building and empowering farmers, ranchers, growers and land care organizations.

Jules Matthews

Originally trained in Holistic Management in 1996. With 40 years of practical farm management in multiple sectors, she brings a diverse range of skills and knowledge. She also has a background in Neuro-Linguistics and dispute resolution. She is a regenerative Ag coach and grazing advisor.

Abe Collins

Abe is a grazier, consultant, principal of Collins Grazing, founder of LandStream, Inc., cofounder of the Catchment Care Cooperative, and a founding board member of the Soil Carbon Coalition.  He has grazed sheep, beef and dairy cattle and lives in Vermont. Abe has continuously worked to learn how to heal the land community, grow topsoil and shepherd deserts back into prairies.  He has worked for fifteen years developing practical tools to equip land stewards to effectively learn to care for the land community and to hire out their services as land healers and catchment contractors.

Nicole Masters

Nicole is a globally recognised agroecologist, speaker and author. She has over 22 years practical farming and food production experience, with 18 years of experience as a regenerative Ag coach and educator. Nicole is formally trained in soil science, organizational learning systems thinking, and adult education. She has worked closely with diverse production sectors from; dairy, sheep & beef, viticulture, compost, nurseries, market gardens, racing studs, lifestyle blocks to large scale cropping. Working with such diverse clients has fostered a broad knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing different production systems.

What CREATE program offers

The CREATE program offers you the world’s most in-depth training in regenerative, agroecological systems thinking. Topics dig deep into microbiology, soil science, agronomy, plant physiology, management, mindset and behaviour change. Combining practice and cutting-edge science, you will acquire and cultivate the skills and observations to offer true holistic agricultural options to your clients. Contact us to request our CREATE Curriculum to learn more about the skills, knowledge and thinking you’ll master during the program. Through in-field practicums, detailed demonstrations and live webinars with Nicole Masters and Q&A sessions with your own coach, in as little as four months you could be launching a meaningful new career as an Agroecological Coach or Consultant —with confidence!

On completion of this program CREATE Coaches will:

    • Have all the tools, documents, templates and materials required to immediately step into a coaching role.
    • Have a tried and true consulting process that delivers results for clients.
    • Complete the program with the skills to effectively coach and train producers. Or use the learning to apply to their own property.
    • Have the ability to visit a property and perform a full examination, consult, analyze and deliver useful meaningful results.
    • Be confident to have hard and transformative conversations.
    • Gain confidence and clarity in how to make a difference in the Ag sector.
    • Recognized as a leader in the regenerative soil health field.
    • Be powerful communicators.
    • Have access to the latest cutting edge science and research.
    • Join an international community of regenerative ag professionals.
    • Be able to choose to proactively partner with the Integrity Soils in a membership only Community of Practice designed specifically for coaches and consultants.


When and where is the first program being run?

At White Oak Pastures, Bluffton, Georgia.
The initial classroom time covers 5 days ( 6 nights) from the 14-20th November 2021.
The course completes with a 3 day (4 night) integration session at a location TDC.

Dates for Australia, New Zealand and the UK are in the pipeline for 2022 /23


Where do I stay for the practicums?

We have accommodation for you on-site att White Oak Pastures. Food is provided. Special meal requests can be considered.

Is this an online or in-person program?

Both (see above.) 16 weeks are online with the beginning and final practicum in-person.

How many people can attend?

For this initial program, we are limiting student numbers to no more than 20.

What is the deadline for applications?

The Deadline for this program closed on the 15th September 2021.

What is the time commitment for this program?

The course is 17 weeks in total. After the initial 5 days in class, we estimate 12-16 hours a week of self-directed coursework, which includes reading and practical work. There are also weekly coaching and 90 minute webinar sessions. At the end of the program we come back together for a final 3 day digestion session. You will have a special project to work on for the duration of the program, using your own land (or a case study provided) to create an in-depth written report and recommendations for action. This report is based on the foundational diagnostics, templates and framework provided. This course will require a major investment from you. Picture the depth and breadth of topics we need to cover for you to start your own coaching business, be prepared to put in the work and you will reap a bountiful harvest.

Who is this course for?

  • People with a commitment and vision bigger than themselves
  • People who are coachable and willing to ask the hard questions of themselves
  • People passionate about soil health, ecosystem function and productive, profitable food or fibre businesses
  • People who enjoy coaching and empowering others
  • Communicators and educators
  • Ecological thinkers
  • People who recognize regeneration is a journey not a destination
  • People who can bring a degree of humility and can leave their ego at the door
  • People who are already working in consultancy OR producers who are wanting to take the power back from external advisors
  • People who have a combination of the following skills and experiences: a regenerative mindset and/or practical farming/ranching/growing experience and/or science and technical background in horticulture/ agriculture/soil science or ecology.

Do I need formal qualifications?

Not necessarily. The ability to observe and critically think is the most valuable capability to bring. Each applicant will be considered based on their own merits. Recommended pre-reading includes Nicole’s book “For the Love of Soil” and “Science in Agriculture” by Arden Andersen.

Can anyone join the Integrity Soils Community of Practice?

Community of Practice is an invitation only group offered to those who excel during the CREATE course. Students can choose to proactively partner with the Integrity Soils, be profiled on our website and be provided client leads after completing CREATE.

Who is this course not for?

Although each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. People that have no experience in food/fibre production will not be considered. If you would describe yourself in any of the following ways:

  • If personal development does not interest you, or you do not value investing in yourself
  • If you’re looking for a prescription
  • If you just want to change from one input system to another or are looking for ‘the silver bullet answer’
  • If you’re already an agronomist who sees Regenerative Ag is the next big trendy ticket
  • If you’re looking for just another marketing tool
  • Or if you enjoy this type of learning…

Then this is not the program for you!