At Integrity Soils we are committed to making a difference through the empowerment of land managers and land-care groups. Through a focus on soil health, we are transforming quadruple bottom lines with benefits for families, the environment and consumers.

Change starts with communication. It’s how we learn, how we grow, and how ideas spread. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We ask questions. We listen. That’s how we help our clients succeed. We want to know how your story fits with ours and where we can go together.

Integrity Soils is a soil consultancy and education company based in New Zealand with clients across NZ, Australia, the US and Canada.

Our work is varied, stimulating and impactful, working alongside landcare groups, farmer and grower clients. We enjoy strong inter-personal relationships with our clients; built on trust and results. Integrity Soils offers a variety of packages to suit medium to large organisations. We strongly emphasise the empowerment of our clients skills and knowledge, with the goal of reducing external inputs over time.

The Role: On-farm Coach NZ

Operating as an independent contractor, this is a commission-based role. Utilising the Integrity Soils system, you will be responsible for providing on-farm coaching services across a range of primary production sectors in New Zealand. Integrity Soils will provide a significant amount of training, support, structure, systems, templates plus and potential leads.

To fulfil this role, you will need to be:

  • Experienced in regenerative agriculture, either through practical farming or as a consultant/ agronomist /educator, with evidence of your resourcefulness and drive.
  • An exceptional communicator so you can relate well to diverse clients, and understand their context, vision and goals.
  • Observant, analytical and curious, with the ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • A true team-player – collaborative, willing to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas with colleagues and clients; good at relationship-building.
  • Genuinely into lifelong learning. We will invest in your growth and development and in return we expect you to grab this opportunity with both hands and do something with it.

If this sounds like you, read on to find out the steps involved in becoming an Integrity Soils coach.

About our recruitment process

Step 1: Send us your written application and CV. In your application, you will need to address each of the selection criteria below individually. Provide succinct examples where relevant, not just assertions that you have a particular skill or attribute.
Step 2: Those who meet the selection criteria will have a phone interview (approx. 40 mins) at a mutually agreed time.
Step 3: Those who appear to be a strong match for the role and the company will be invited to a zoom interview (90 minutes).
Step 4: Referee checks will be undertaken. We’ll discuss with you which of your former or current employers/colleagues we’d like to talk to and ask you to arrange for this to occur.
Step 5: An offer will be made and contract forwarded for review.

Selection criteria

  1. A BSc degree (or higher) with min. 3 years’ experience as a regenerative farming practitioner or consultant/agronomist/educator; OR 3 years’ experience (as above) with personal/professional development training.
  2.  In-depth understanding of soil mineral and microbial synergies and antagonisms.
  3.  Demonstrated ability to converse with and engage a diversity of clients, including the ability to dig deeper to find out more and different information.
  4.  Demonstrated ability to be observant, analytical and problem-solve.
  5.  Ability to write reports and develop farm management and nutrient plans for clients in a way that is meaningful and actionable to them.
  6.  Good recording skills.
  7.  Sound self-management skills (motivation, time, energy, composure, workflow, priorities).
  8.  Demonstrated commitment to ongoing learning and growth, including the willingness to give and receive constructive feedback, and to ask for support or input.
  9.  Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint), Google Drive and Google Earth (optional).

Send your written application addressing each of the selection criteria together with your CV to by 6pm 10 March AEDT.

Download a copy of the job description.