Nicole Masters, Director and Researcher – Storyteller


  • Graduated in 1999 with a BSc in Ecology, with a focus on soil science and plant physiology.
  • Received qualifications in Adult Education and postgraduate studies in Ag extension and organisational learning. Nicole is currently studying at the University of Auckland to complete a Masterate in Ag Extension.
  • Founded Tigercast Worms in 2002 … which over time evolved into Integrity Soils Ltd.
  • Was a finalist in the Rural Business Woman of the Year awards New Zealand’s 2012, Has a U.S. work visa for “An Alien of Extraordinary Ability”!
  • Is an avid horsewoman, musterer, diver and explorer; splitting her time between North America, Australia and New Zealand


Q&A WITH Nicole:

What inspires you?

I’m inspired in how to bring measurement and scientific understandings together and balance them with intuitive, anecdotal and practical real-world experiences.

I love being around ‘whole-hearted’ people; people who are authentic and courageous. People who are seeing a need to connect more deeply with themselves and with landscapes, and aren’t afraid to ask those crucial ‘why’ questions.

So, why working with soils?

Well, firstly, EVERYTHING comes back to soil, and secondly connecting people to soil is like opening a door of possibilities which can never be closed again.

People never cease to amaze me with the results they get and the impact that it has on their lives. When people obtain the tools and the knowledge and take action around building soil health, there are benefits for the health of people, planet, profit and their purpose. It just gets me so excited, that we’re really working on the next frontier of discovery, and that we’re barely scratching the surface of what is possible.

Who are my heroes?

My heroes are my family, my Dad and Nana Blanche, who gave me the grounding in ecological systems. My son Bryn who understands the journey I am on, and why he and all future generations of people are the reason we must all take a stand for soil, water, and ecosystem and human health. There are so many powerful women who are now influencing change on a global scale; who see that love, collaboration, inter-connectedness and care is just what the world needs now!  My gratitude to you all and in particular; Di, Didi, Gretta, Christine, Jules, Monica, Rachelle, Rose and last but not least, Mama Michele…

nicole masters

Nicole Masters



Michael Doree Coach and Creator of Opportunities

South Island, NZ


  • Worked in Agricultural Sector my entire working career in a range of sectors from Sheep/Beef, Dairy and Agribusiness service roles…
  • Is part of the most amazing business on the planet Integrity Soils.
  • Before working for Integrity Soils worked in the fertilizer products industry in sales and technical support.
  • Has worked with Nutri-Tech Solutions.
  • Is currently studying how the mind set effects the performance of people.
  • Into anything that gets me outside on an adventure, Fishing, Hunting exploring


Q&A WITH Michael Doree:

What inspires you?

Working with unique people in unique circumstances, having the opportunity to coach them in a way that they can look at the obstacle’s objectively and find solutions to achieve their dreams, allowing them to see agriculture the way I see it SIMPLE


So, why working with soils?  Soils are the foundation of life, they are amazing in that something that appears so simple can be interconnected into so many components and form one of our critical ecosystems.  Being able to help coach people to identify and resolve obstacles is truly rewarding.  To me it means that I am part of regenerating more than just one operation; but a community a country and an industry for future generations.


Who is your hero?

My Uncle who passed away recently, he spent half his life with a brain tumour and never lost his love for his family, his love of life and farming and his sense of humour he was truly amazing.


What are you most proud of?

My Family, my amazing wife Kim and our super fun children Jack and Paige who constantly amaze me with their abilities and approach to life.

Michael Doree

Lead Consultant
Phone: (64) 021 500 342

Daryl Chubb P.Ag,  BSA, NSch – Canada


  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) at the University of Saskatchewan, and his Professional Agrologist (P.Ag).
  • Managed a major cropping enterprise before starting his own agriculture consulting firm.
  • Received ex a Nuffield Scholarship recipient allowing him to study management techniques to increase nutrient efficiency and assess the agronomic challenges that come with increasing food production and quality.
  • Is originally from central Saskatchewan and has always been passionate about agriculture, the land, and its stewards.
  • Into remaining very involved in the agriculture industry, both personally and professionally through volunteer contributions, land and livestock ownership.


Q&A WITH Daryl:

What inspires you?

Over the years during my travels and research, I realized that today’s agricultural practices are contributing to poor nutrient use, water uptake, and biological processes.

So, why working with soils? 

I have discovered how efficiencies of added inputs could be increased and soon realized that it was not only about more inputs.  Instead, he concluded that agriculture is about incorporating livestock and diverse polyculture systems.

What are you most proud of?

That outcomes of his research connected him with Integrity Soils, and the tools necessary to make a difference in soil health.

Where is home?

I reside with my wife near Irricana, Alberta on a small farm that includes cattle, hay, and rotational grazing with goals of building soil and increasing carrying capacities

Daryl Chubb






Phone: 1-403-836-2202

Michael Cashmore – North Island, NZ


  • Graduated with a Diploma in Horticulture – Nursery Production (Massey 1984).
  • Worked across a range of commercial horticultural crops .
  • Is committed to putting his depth of experience into action in an environment where it’s valued and positive change can be measured – and to also gain new insights and understanding.
  • Has been focused in recent times in the management of organic apples.
  • He is an active member of the Hawkes Bay Farm Forestry Assoc.
  • Into playing guitar in a local covers band


Q&A WITH Mike C:

What inspires you?  I am inspired by treed landscapes – from botanical gardens to managed forests, small farm forests to large natural landscapes.  I am committed to supporting agricultural, horticultural and ecological systems that will endure for hundreds of years to come.


So, why working with soils?

The process is from the soil up and need not be complicated.  I became aware of regenerative agriculture in 2006 when managing a focus orchard; aimed at increasing fruit quality in organic apple production.


Where is home?   My wife Wendy and I live near Hastings where we have 6 ha of multi species forestry.

Michael Cashmore


Phone: +64 027275112