Show me the science

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I attended a regenerative agriculture presentation recently and some of the comments from the floor afterwards included an insistent “show me the science” and “this is not sound science.”  It occurred to me at that moment that all farmers and growers are scientists to some degree. Science is the...
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6 keys to successfully using biological stimulants

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Many land managers transitioning to regenerative agriculture become interested in applying bio-stimulants to bring life back into their system.  There are some simple options to explore in this realm that can suddenly have us excited about farming again.   It is SO much more fun than spending our days applying...
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The thrill of soaring

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The thrill of soaring begins with conquering the fear of falling. Whether it’s as a kid jumping from a willow tree into the river, starting your first job, or regenerating your farm – it takes an act of courage. It begins with defining what you want to achieve, and...
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