Onehunga Weed

I love weeds, truly! They are the most amazing indicator of soil conditions, they can offer you far more information than any soil test. The secret to weeds is to observe them in their natural state: does this weed like soils which are wet, exposed, tight, stock camps, old...
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nicole masters
There is a growing number of bio-fertilisers now available on the market, and this trend is set to continue with PGP providing $9.75 million to one or NZ’s largest fertiliser companies to help develop biological products. Fortunately many of these biofertilisers are already present in well managed soils; including...
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The Use of Refractometers

I get alot of queries about the use of refractometers and the value of Brix, so here is an overview: REFRACTOMETER THE ESSENTIAL TOOL The planet as we know has been made possible through the action of tiny solar factories located inside plant cells. It may sound farfetched, but...
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