At Integrity Soils we are committed to making a difference through the empowerment of land managers and land-care groups. Through a focus on soil health, we are transforming quadruple bottom lines with benefits for families, the environment and consumers.

Change starts with communication. It’s how we learn, how we grow, and how ideas spread. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We ask questions. We listen. That’s how we help our clients succeed. We want to know how your story fits with ours and where we can go together.

Integrity Soils is a soil consultancy and education company based in New Zealand with clients across NZ, Australia, the US and Canada.

Our work is varied, stimulating and impactful, working alongside landcare groups, ranching, farmer and grower clients. We enjoy strong inter-personal relationships with our clients; built on trust and results. Integrity Soils offers a variety of packages to suit medium to large organisations. We strongly emphasise the empowerment of our clients skills, knowledge and observation skills, with the goal of improving land stewardship and economic outcomes.


Job Title:
On-Farm Consultant – USA
On-Farm Consultant – Australia

Schedule Type:
Commission based

Regional focus

About the opportunity
The team is seeking dynamic individuals who will be responsible for providing consulting services across a range of primary production sectors in North America or Australia. The work is varied and impactful, with opportunities to learn and grow within a fun and experienced team.

The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of regenerative agricultural practices, and will be expected to develop detailed further knowledge of methods, practices and theories. You will be working with a team with over 70 years of collective experience in regenerative Ag, who will provide you with the support to expand on your current skill base.

You are:

  • Proven Self-starter, Resourceful and Independent – work well with others, but can run it like you own it, able to find answers and make progress where others cannot
  • Collaborative – check your ego at the door. Share, share, share ideas and recognition
  • Experienced being Strategic & Practical – interested in and capable of both high level work,
    and rolling-up your sleeves and executing initiatives
  • Strong presenter/communicator – share and exchange ideas and information with ease, and
    clarity, both verbally and in writing with clients and the team
  • Experienced Relationship builder – able to build strong inter-personal connections
  • Observational – able to observe and record signals from soils, plants and animals
  • Analytical – able to understand and interpret data, see patterns and connections from soil,
    plant and animal data
  • Client-centric – observe/learn the Integrity Soils methodology, and tailor recommendations, solutions, and analyses to clients needs

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Collect, identify and evaluate data around soil/plant/animal health and farm management
  • Ability to interpret test results
  • Work with and interpret complex data to derive meaningful insights and identify points of leverage to assist clients in meeting their goals
  • Execute data analyses– quickly understand existing body of work, and innovate to improve and streamline existing report templates and methodologies


  • Ability to research and assess the quality and viability of different production inputs and practices
  • Desktop research skills – able to collate, interpret and disseminate research in client friendly language
  • Contribute to the on-going development of templates and the Integrity Soils knowledge base.


  • Proven track record of building a network of contacts
  • Research and solve primary production issues
  • Ability to educate and upskill clients
  • Ability to communicate results to clients
  • Communicate prolifically and proactively to share progress, issues and best practice
  • Develop materials and analysis to help tell the Integrity Soils story
  • Connect with local product suppliers to develop networks for preferred suppliers
  • Bring structure to ideas, research and observations to keep developing current templates and tools to support client learning and programs
    Staff and client support
  • Discuss ideas and collaborate with team
  • Ability to train and empower other field consultants
  • Support clients in helping them to develop a successful regenerative soil/crop program

Required Qualifications

  • A BSc degree or higher and/or
  • at least 3 years in the field experience as a regenerative farming consultant and/or practitioner

Desired Qualifications

  • 3+ years of primary production consultation experience
  • Practical regenerative farming experience
  • In-depth understanding of soil mineral and microbial synergies and antagonisms
  • Talent for engaging clients in open dialogue and trouble-shooting, people skills are a must!
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) skills
  • Outstanding problem solving and analytical skills with ability to turn findings into positive actions
  • Extraordinary observational and recording skills
  • Proficient writing and visual communication skills

Other Desired Experience

  • Extensive practical experience in one or more of the following: farming, ranching, viticulture, animal nutrition
  • Nutrient budget training and the ability to develop farm management and nutrient plans for clients
  • Strong proficiency with Google Earth
  • Experience defining work in terms of results, and pursues success with energy and drive
  • Skills in running own business
  • Driven to develop, maintain and expand relationships through the delivery of high quality work
  • Intellectually curious, quick thinker / learner that thrives in an independent environment
  • Encourages collaboration and easily gains trust and support of others
  • Demonstrated ability to develop detailed action plans and timelines

Any questions, or to send CV and references, please address to:,
88 Kimihia Road, Huntly, 3700, New Zealand


All offers for employment with Integrity Soils are contingent upon the candidate having successfully completed a criminal background check.