Nicole Masters – Director

nicole mastersNicole Masters, director of Integrity Soils, is an agro-ecologist with over 17 years’ extensive practical and theoretical experience in regenerative / biological farming practices.

Recognised as a dynamic and grounded educator, Nicole brings cutting edge sound science to a topic that has relevance to anyone interested in improving the efficiency of inputs whilst improving profitability and resilience.  “You can have your cake and eat it too!”  

Since 2003 she has taught these practices throughout Australasia and North America; helping to inspire and guide farmers into new and innovative ways to produce food.  Nicole has a proven record in supporting farmers in meeting their goals through an holistic approach to soil and pasture management.

You may have seen her articles in Straight Furrow, Dairy Exporter or international rural publications.

Nicole is currently undertaking a Masterate in Science at Auckland University looking at ‘The Agro-ecological Entrepreneurs’.


Daryl Chubb P.Ag,  BSA, NSch – Canada

Recently Daryl has aligned with Integrity Soils Limited to offer consultation services in Canada and Northern U.S.A.   Over the years during his travels and research, Daryl realized that today’s agriculture practices are contributing to poor nutrient use, water uptake; and biological processes.  The outcomes of his research connected him with Integrity Soils and the tools necessary to make a difference in soil health.

Originally from central Saskatchewan Daryl has always been passionate about agriculture, the land and its stewards.  After completing his Bachelor of Science at the University of Saskatchewan, he managed a major cropping enterprise before starting his own agriculture consulting firm.  As a Nuffield Scholarship recipient Daryl has studied management techniques that will increase nutrient efficiency and assess the agronomic challenges that come with increasing food production and quality.  During his Nuffield scholarship, Daryl set out to discover how chemical fertilizer efficiencies could be increased and soon realized that it was not only about fertilizer.  Instead, he concluded that an agriculture is about incorporating polyculture systems, not monocultures alone.

Daryl has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA), his Professional Agrologist (P.Ag) designation while remaining very involved in the agriculture industry, both personally and professionally through volunteer contributions, land and livestock ownership.   He resides near Irricana, Alberta on a small farm that includes cattle, hay, and rotational grazing with goals of building soil and increasing carrying capacities.

Daryl and his wife Karen have lived in the Irricana area for 13 years.  They both enjoy touring around on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, downhill skiing, curling, and their horses.  In addition to Daryl’s consulting business, they own and operate a business that specializes in importing and exporting horses to and from Europe.


Paul CandyPaul Candy – NZ Consultant

Paul Candy, consultant at Integrity Soils, lives on a small lifestyle block near Helensville with his wife Judi.  A huge influence on his life was growing up on a farm with both parents being strong environmental advocates, involved in numerous ecological organisations.

Paul was a farm cadet, a fencing and a shearing contractor, and has worked on a variety of farms throughout New Zealand.  He was involved with the Angora goat industry for a number of years in the 1980’s.

For the past 10 years Paul was a branch manager at the RD1 stores in Helensville and Albany. With this experience and his farming background, Paul is very comfortable working with farmers and understanding their business requirements.

“Biological farming is the solution to the problems facing agriculture. It is a proven way to limit and reverse the damage current methods are creating. I also see it as the greatest revolution in farming since the beginning of modern agriculture.”

Outside of work, Paul is the Chairman of the Association of Biological Farmers NZ and assists running a local biological farming group in the Kaipara region. Paul also enjoys free diving, hunting and photography. Paul loves gardening, focusing on growing nutrient dense food.

In 2008 Paul completed a Permaculture design course with Geoff Lawton and Robyn Francis and he is applying these principals, along with biological farming on their land. Currently Paul is also completing a grazing management course with Holistic Management International.

“Having always been passionate about the environment I treasure the biodiversity we have. I am excited to see the benefits biological farming has given and will continue to give to our soils.”